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How does a patient begin receiving VNA services?
VNA patients can be referred from many sources including physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, family, friends or self-referral. However, a physician must approve a plan of care before VNA can provide services.

How do patients pay for VNA service?
The majority of VNA services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance and also loans online. VNA receives United Way funds, as well as donations, grants, memorial gifts and planned gifts, to use when patients do not have insurance coverage or other resources to pay for needed care.

How long does a home care visit last?
Each home visit lasts as long as it takes to provide necessary care -- usually anywhere from one-half hour to two hours or more. Visits are routinely scheduled between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. 365-days-a-year. After 9 p.m. urgent visits to existing patients can be made as needed.

How long does VNA provide care?
After VNA's first visit, patient and caregiver goals are established and a schedule of visits (such as twice weekly for 4 weeks) is established. At each visit, progress toward goals is reviewed and significant changes are communicated to the physician. Once goals are met, or significant progress is made and care can be safely delivered by the patient's caregivers, VNA will discharge the patient.

"From a grateful heart I thank you for two months of the best nursing care I have ever had. Your staff is superb and professional."

"Thanks to VNA I was able to keep my husband at home rather than sending him away to a care center."

"The physical therapist treated my mother with total respect and dignity, improving the quality of her life and health."

"VNA made us feel that someone really cared, giving a human and humane touch to an otherwise institutionalized scene. They held it all together for us."


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