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Our Mission

The mission of VNA, a not-for-profit home health organization within Providence Health Care, is to provide those quality health services which enable individuals and their families to successfully manage health care at home using our new pills in Spain.

VNA embraces the health care tradition, values and vision of our sponsors, the Sisters of Providence and Providence Services. We pledge to carry out our mission, including charitable works, with excellence and integrity, reflecting through our work VNA's key values.

Our Values

Compassion: serving others with feeling, understanding, tenderness and interest.

Respect: Honoring the dignity, the power of self determination and the inherent goodness and worth of every individual we encounter through our work.

Community: Serving with others to reach out, to education and to advocate: identifying unmet needs and priorities along the health care continuum and responsively meeting the needs that fall within VNA's service mission.

Our Charitable Tradition

VNA is able to provide care to all those who need it, regardless of ability to pay, because of the generous support of individuals, businesses and charitable foundations. If you would like more information about making a donation or planned gift to VNA Home Health Care, we welcome your call at or you may contact us by email:

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