Microsoft Office 365 is an extension of Microsoft Office, designed to be used by businesses of all sizes. Office 365 offers many of the same features as its bigger brother, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. However, it also provides additional features like business social network services, data storage, business intelligence tools, real-time communications, mobile apps, and business process modeling. This service also includes additional services such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, NetERP, SharePoint, Business Portal, Lotus Notes, and Access. Businesses usually pay a fee to use these services on a yearly basis or, in some cases, pay once and use the service for an unlimited period.

Microsoft Office 365 consists of five computers that work together to provide users with an online office suite, which can be accessed via a secure, private cloud. Users can work from anywhere they have an internet connection and, in most cases, are able to collaborate on documents, email, and other tasks with other members of their team. This type of technology has been proven to be extremely beneficial to companies who need to manage multiple locations and offices. For example, large warehouses often use the internet and the apps on each of the five computers to manage their business. The company doesn’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on separate devices to run this form of business.

One of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Office 365 is the availability of shared folders between employees.

This feature, also known as “one-click collaboration”, makes sharing documents and other items easier for co-workers who may be miles apart. Another collaboration tool available with this software is the email service, which works much like a common internet email service, only one click is required to send an email. The email service allows users to discuss important documents and issues with other individuals within their groups.

Another great advantage of Microsoft Office 365 is the ability to work together on shared projects.

The SharePoint online application is available free and allows groups to work together on business projects. These groups can include colleagues in different locations, or employees who are on the same network. Because everyone is using the same program and file formats, they can all work together to complete the project. This eliminates the need for the individual workers to download and install separate work together programs onto each computer.

One way that users can get started with SharePoint is by installing the free Yammer suite of programs. This free offering is designed to make the process of configuring and using SharePoint easier. Yammer is also a great groupware and task management tool, allowing groups to collaborate on shared work online, without having to resort to email, instant messaging, and other communication options that are often cumbersome and time consuming. For example, groups that are part of a product team will be able to work together via Yammer to discuss new product releases, and suggest ways to improve these programs to benefit all of their customers.

Another way that companies can begin to integrate the Microsoft Office 365 service is to use a single sign-on system (also known as a single sign-on account). A single sign-on account allows company employees who are already using the Office 365 service to log in to their online work using the same password that they used for their normal Microsoft Office tools. By using a single sign-on account, all employees in one company will have access to all of the company’s tools, which will save them time and energy trying to remember various passwords and user names.

Microsoft’s cloud collaboration options provide many features that are unavailable from a traditional server-based environment. For example, companies can create and store files on SharePoint, while still saving those files on their local computers. They can also work with other companies on tasks even if they are not in the office, by taking advantage of the multi-user capabilities of cloud collaboration. When employees take time off, they can still access all of their work online. Cloud collaboration can also be done easily through email, which is available on any device.

The five computers per user option in Microsoft Office 365 provides a great way for managing productivity, while keeping costs down. By having five computers per person, users will spend less time searching for documents, and more time actually working on their work. The lack of hard drive space used by multiple users means that companies won’t have to pay for a large data backup set up.

  • Cloud collaboration apps professional plus several other features will allow you to get the most out of your subscription.
  • The software offers access to one-click document sharing, automatic PowerPoint presentation creation and editing, access to Word and Excel spreadsheets, as well as mobile access to PDF files.
  • Per user costs will vary based on the number of subscriptions that you purchase, but many organizations find that the price savings associated with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription make the subscription cost less than a single individual Office subscription.