Managed WiFi offers fast and reliable access to the best and most profitable business applications and functions. Managed WiFi service meets all kinds of Wireless LAN (WiFi) requirements, such as large establishments and branches, stores and branches, smaller facilities and campus, and even multi-site enterprises. It supports multiple users at one time on a given LAN. The availability of multiple Wireless Networks and the flexibility of Managed WiFi makes it the perfect choice for enterprises and organizations.

Managed WiFi is one of the newest forms of managed access point technology available today.

This advanced connectivity service provider uses commercial grade equipment to offer fast and reliable connectivity. Its unique feature set includes support for multiple wireless networks, multi-user connectivity, hardware security, and automatic discovery of SSID and encryption settings. It is ideal for retail businesses and homes, offering fast connection speeds for any internet-connected need. Managed WiFi is easy to use, providing multiple connectivity options to any internet-connected location.

Managed WiFi is a simple, cost-efficient solution to improving customer experience and increasing employee productivity. Every day, new technologies emerge to help customers connect faster and effectively online. Installing a wired Ethernet connection requires major expense and installation work, and reduces employee productivity and enjoyment. Replacing that with a new wireless, managed WiFi network reduces investment in both technology and manpower. It also improves employee productivity by ensuring that employees have access to critical information at any time.

As with most business operations today, the management of employee networks requires routine monitoring and administration to optimize business operations. The implementation of Wireless Networks is typically done by the management team as part of their routine IT support and maintenance. The latest innovation in managed wifi solutions offers superior data transmission over a wireless network, even in the face of weak or congested channels. Managed Wifi manages to maintain a consistent wireless channel, regardless of whether the channel is occupied by employees, consumers or devices running other software.

Managed Wifi offers an extremely cost effective solution to maintaining a hassle-free and secure public wifi network. Traditional methods of establishing a connection involve complicated setups, expensive hardware purchases and technical support calls. The implementation of this technology provides a completely hassle-free solution for businesses that are in need of fast, reliable and secure connectivity for their consumer bases. Through a fully managed WAN setup, all employees will be able to access the public wifi network at any time, eliminating the need to rely on individual staff members for connection speeds that may be below expectation. Managed Wifi gives you a competitive cost advantage over traditional wired networks, while still providing all staff the accessibility to a fully wireless workplace that they require.

Managed Wifi offers a highly scalable and flexible public connectivity solution.

Unlike other managed wifi systems, Managed Wifi can be expanded on a hosted basis, adding additional access points, additional wireless clients and/or connecting different departments to the same internet source. Once connected, all employees in the Managed Wifi system will have access to a consistently available internet connection. No matter where they are in the building, Managed Wifi provides them the ability to connect to the internet as if they were at the office.

With a Managed Wifi system, all users can easily access a public wifi network without having to deal with the technical difficulties associated with individual client connections. With a fully managed wifi management service, you can allow multiple users to share the connection provided by the managed wireless connection. Through this enterprise wifi design service, you can also enable various forms of authentication so that certain groups of employees have access to specific areas of a network. You may also opt to set up permission based networks to prevent unauthorized connection attempts from particular networks or computers on your network.

  • With a managed service provider, you can greatly improve your employee productivity while cutting costs on the overall organizational cost of Managed Wifi solutions.
  • You’ll be able to cut costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a cell site and eliminate the need for a costly contract with a land-based cell site operator.
  • In addition to all of these savings, you’ll also be able to provide customers with improved customer experience and more efficient service.
  • Businesses will have the opportunity to capitalize on their unique Managed Wifi solutions while also improving their overall customer experience.